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Our rheumatologist team may recommend infusion therapy for osteoarthritis treatment as a way to manage symptoms of the condition for the long term. Osteoarthritis symptoms often hold many back from living a more active lifestyle, but there is a way to get control of your symptoms and feel your best each day through infusion therapy.

We tailor infusion therapy specifically for each patient to help them deal with the symptoms they experience. In general, treatment can help patients who struggle with joint pain, swelling and stiffness. To learn more about infusion therapy for osteoarthritis and whether it is right for you, get in touch with us today to schedule a consultation visit. 

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An overview of infusion therapy for osteoarthritis treatment

Infusion therapy describes a process of treatment that many rheumatologists use, in which osteoarthritis medication is given intravenously through an IV drip rather than through oral medication. Infusions allow the medication to go directly into the blood vessels, which can improve its effectiveness. Infusions for osteoarthritis treatment are an in-office procedure that the patient cannot do on their own at home. Our team monitors each session to ensure optimal safety and effectiveness. We may recommend infusion as the primary form of treatment or may utilize it in combination therapy that involves other forms of treatment, such as oral medication or occupational therapy. 

We typically recommend that our osteoarthritis patients who utilize infusion therapy receive between one and four treatments each month. We are flexible and work with the patient to come up with a schedule that works for them.  

Osteoarthritis symptoms that infusion therapy can treat

Osteoarthritis symptoms can exist in various areas of the body. Most commonly, symptoms such as pain, swelling and stiffness are notable in the neck, lower back, knees, hips and hands. In more severe cases, issues such as bone spurs may develop and require prompt treatment to relieve the pain. Although each patient has a unique experience, several symptoms of osteoarthritis include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Joint tenderness
  • Excessive swelling
  • Limited range of motion
  • Bone spurs

Infusion therapy relieves many osteoarthritis symptoms, and it is often an effective treatment when more conservative treatments such as over-the-counter medications and occupational therapy do not work. Our team may suggest infusion therapy to reduce pain and inflammation that may worsen after physical activity, and it allows many of our patients to live a more active lifestyle despite their osteoarthritis. 

During your first visit with us, we can answer questions and provide information related to the condition and go over each treatment option. Based on your preferences, we can help you come up with a long-term treatment plan that works, utilizing infusion therapy as a way to deal with chronic symptoms. 

How infusion therapy treatment works for osteoarthritis

We treat each patient individually, and the process for treatment is specific for everyone. However, we typically begin with a simple and relaxed first visit, during which we discuss symptoms you may be experiencing, previous medications and treatments you have tried and what your goals for treatment are. We understand that each patient has their own reason for treatment. While some want to feel better to be more productive at work, others with osteoarthritis may have a desire to be more active by running more, playing tennis, going on hikes, etc. and do not want the disease to hold them back. 

During the procedure, our rheumatologist or a member of our staff will set the patient up in a comfortable chair within our office. We will place the IV drip, which slowly allows the medication into the blood vessels in a non-invasive and painless process. During the procedure, the patient is welcome to take a nap, answer emails on their iPhone or read a book. Many consider the treatment to be a relaxing experience. After treatment, we may provide post-care instructions and help the patient prevent and limit side effects. Side effects after infusion therapy may include fatigue, dizziness, upset stomach and nausea, but the side effects are generally mild and not a cause for concern. We will also schedule a time for the next infusion therapy as well. 

Reasons to consider infusions for osteoarthritis treatment

Anyone who struggles with symptoms of osteoarthritis that hold them back regularly should consider how infusion therapy might benefit them by discussing the treatment option with a rheumatologist. Infusion therapy might be appropriate for patients who have tried other forms of treatment that were unsuccessful. In many instances, oral medications do not relieve symptoms the way that patients hope or the patient may not be able to take oral medications. In these instances, we often encourage patients to try infusions, which is often a more effective form of treatment. 

A common misconception among those who are not as familiar with infusion therapy is that it might be invasive or cause discomfort, which could not be further from the truth. IV infusions for osteoarthritis are safe, and our team monitors each session inside our office. While side effects may occur, we help each patient prepare before and recover after treatment to minimize the risk of concerning side effects. 

Consult with us

The first step in the process of infusion therapy for osteoarthritis treatment is to get in touch with our team and schedule a convenient day and time to visit us for a consultation visit. We take pride in helping our patients find symptom relief, and we are there to monitor the process and answer any questions you have. 

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to live the way they desire and not worry about osteoarthritis symptoms taking over if they decide to exercise. Whether you have tried other treatments that have failed or recently were diagnosed with osteoarthritis, infusion therapy might be a viable option, and we can help you make an informed decision as to whether it is right for you.

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